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CAL 3300 / 9300 / 9400 Temperature Controller

33/93/9400 controllers are designed for ease of use, low-cost and reliability in demanding applications. They are already widely used in many industrial applications such as plastics, packaging, drying, ovens & furnaces and laboratory & scientific equipment. Features such as PID auto-tune, heat-cool and single ramp-soak are standard with RS232 and RS485 communications options available. CAL’s auto-tune makes P.I.D. control simple, just a few button presses will start the controller’s self-tune which automatically selects the optimum P.I.D. values. Also CAL’s unique dAC function is designed to minimise the overshoot problem associated with conventional P.I.D. control.

CAL 9500P Process Controller with Programmer

The CAL 9500P is a versatile programmable controller for temperature and process control applications. It is designed to offer the highest functionality in a 48mm x 48mm (1/16th DIN) package. The 9500P can be factory configured in a range of processs control or temperature control options making the controller dedicated to the application, ideal for both OEM and manufacturing process applications. This combination of programmable ramp/soak profiles, process control inputs and 3 outputs, together with RS232 and RS485 comms makes the CAL 9500P a unique and affordable package.

CAL 9900 Process & Temperature Controller

The CAL 9900 microprocessor based temperature controller provides precise control with a minimum of setting up, the advanced Autotune alogorithm tunes all five control parameters automatically.

Online Catalogue |  CAL

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