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Raytek Thermal Imaging Products

Online Catalogue | Raytek |  Raytek Thermal Imaging Products

Raytek ThermoView Pi20

Raytek's ThermoView Pi20 is a high performance fixed thermal imager for moving or stationary targets in industrial process control applications. ThermoView Pi20 is offered in two temperature ranges: -40 to 500°C (-40 to 932ºF) and 200 to 2000°C (392 to 3632ºF). For each temperature range, three lens options are available: 21.7° x 16°, 30° x 22° or 45.2° x 33.7°. Raytek online interactive ThermoView Pi20 Field of View Calculator will help you select your camera model, lens and distance to your target, and calculate the maximum field of view and estimated pixel size for detection and temperature measurement.

Raytek ThermoView Ti30

The Raytek ThermoView Ti30 has been supereseded by the Pi20

Online Catalogue | Raytek |  Raytek Thermal Imaging Products

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