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Online Catalogue | Seneca |  SENECA Z-Line

Seneca Z-Line Signal Isolators and Converters

The Z-line range of Signal Isolators and Converters offer a wide range of cost effective, high specification units, covering the industry's most sought after signal conversions and isolations. Often used for problem solving these units are all DIN Rail mountable, easily configured using DIP Switches, and have detachable "plug in" screw terminals reducing wiring and field wiring time.

Seneca Z-Line Temperature Transmitters and Converters

The Z-line range of DIN rail mounting temperature transmitters covers all the usual industrial temperature sensors, from standard thermocouples to PT100s. These units are DIN Rail mountable, configured using DIP Switches and have detachable "plug in" screw terminals reducing wiring and field wiring time.

Seneca Z-Line Signal Processors

The Z-Line range of signal processors offers a family of cost friendly Signal Splitters and Signal Adders & Subtractors. Units are DIN Rail mountable, easily configured using DIP switches, and have detachable "plug in" terminals.

Seneca Z-Line Pulse Converters

The Z-Line incorporates a range of pulse converters, simplifying the conversion of pulsating frequency signals to standard Voltage or Current signals, all units are DIN Rail mountable. Being Z-Liners these modules feature time saving easy to wire detachable "plug in" terminals and DIP Switch configuration.

Seneca Z-Line Trip Amplifiers

Seneca's Trip Amplifiers are designed to transmit signals without alteration until the monitored signal reaches an adjustable reference set-point, models range from single channel to triple channel units.

Seneca Z-Line Special Converters

This range of low-cost "Special Converters", provides a simple way for converting analogue signals to more exploitable digital ones. All units are DIN Rail compliant, DIP Switch configurable, and have detachable "plug in" screw terminals.

Seneca Z-Line Accessories

These Seneca accessories are designed exclusively for the Z-Line range and offer practical solutions for PC programming of Z-Line modules.

Online Catalogue | Seneca |  SENECA Z-Line

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